How to Manage Best Dissertation Reference Sources in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is developed by the Microsoft for the processing of the different words. The Microsoft Word is used for writing the different kinds of academic papers. Therefore, most of the students use the MS word for writing the dissertation. The reasons to use MS Word for writing the dissertation are given below;
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  1. It is easy to start a document on it
  2. It is also easy to move around a document on it
  3. The students also find it easy to select the text, change the text size and font, bold the text, and italicize the text
  4. To copy, paste, and print the text is also easy for the students
  5. To change the layout of the text and save the text is also an easy task here

Along with these benefits, it is easy for you to manage the best dissertation reference sources in MS Word.

Tips to add new citation dissertation reference source in MS word

The most important tips to add a new dissertation reference source in MS Word are given below;

  • First of all, you should find the Reference tab in the MS Word. There are some groups in the Reference tab and you should try to find the Citations & Bibliography group and click on the Style.
  • When you click on the Style, then you will find a lot of styles like MLA and APA. You should try to select a citation style according to the requirements of your dissertation.
  • After selecting the citation style, you should try to click on the phrase that you want to cite.
  • Once, you have selected the citation style and phrase for the citation, the next step is to click on the Insert Citation tab in order to cite it.
  • In a similar way, if you are going to add the source information, then you should try to click at the Add New Source tab and then click on the Types Of Source tab and there may open a lot of types of the source. You should try to select one of them according to your requirements.
  • On the other hand, if you are going to add a placeholder to your dissertation, then you should click on the Add New Placeholder tab to add it.
  • In a similar way, you can add all the dissertation reference sources in the MS Word.
  • Now, there is a possibility that you have placed a source in error, then you can also edit it.
  • To edit the source, you should try to click on the Source Manager tab and then try to find the source that you want to edit. After finding it, you will see an Edit tab and you should try to click on it.
  • After changing it, you should try to click on the ‘OK’ and then save it.

This is an easy process to add dissertation reference resources in MS Word. However, if you are not able to add these references by following this simple method, then you should contact with the dissertation writing services for help.