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Causes of bad relation between students and their teachers

Some teachers and student relationship occurs at the start and other teacher-students relationship takes a lot of time to develop. Many students and teachers could not build bonds with each other and remain long-lasting relationship problems. The reason of the poor relationship between them could be ongoing conflicts that were not resolved and broken bond between them.

The poor student-teacher relationships can be due to the lack of awareness on the part of instructors. Some students require personalized practices for getting an education because not all the students respond the same way to lessons. A teacher might think that a student that do not contribute to the class discussion and participate in class are disengaged and apathetic.

When the teacher does not consider the educational needs of students, then the relationship between students and teachers get in trouble. Family backgrounds and personality, learning styles, thought processes academic goal, maturity levels and priorities influence ability of each student to connect and learn with educators. Teachers should focus on student learning. They should provide instructions to the students whenever they need them.

The teacher should always be willing to build relationship with students to better know them because it will then help to access student’s weaknesses and strengths. The teacher will then able to help students to strengthen their weaknesses. Another cause of poor relationship between teacher and student is that teacher use to punish students for their mistakes. The bullying by teachers also leads to the poor relationship between teacher and students. A research shows that forty five percent of teachers have admitted to bullying students. Bullying means to use their power to manipulate,  disparage and punish students. Cheap Dissertation Writing Services

When teacher use bully behaviour with students then it leads to the dysfunctional student-teacher relationship. Students could not trust those teachers again, who bully them, they do not take interest in lectures of those teachers. The poor relationship between teacher and students also lead to poor performance of students in class and exams. Students do not want to learn if they feel that teacher is not concerned about their study and always bully them. Moreover, due to this bully behaviour many students do not want to get educated and stop going to school and college.

Sometimes teachers used to send mixed messages to the students on social network. The online interaction of teacher with students complicate the relationship in the classroom. In many cases, teachers behave friendly with teachers, but after some period, they become too harsh with students that they cross the lines of professionalism. Students do not respect those teachers who accept their friend request on social network and involve in inappropriate activities. When teachers share the private or personal life in the classroom, then students could not respect them.

Moreover, the cause of the poor relationship between the students and teachers can occur due to disrespectful, condescending and rude behaviour of the teacher and student with each other. A teacher who interprets students, ignores students personal and educational needs, criticize, and point out them in front of class causes the poor relationship with students. For more details visit: Cheap Dissertation Writing Service