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Gender Studies – Know About Main Concept And Purpose

Gender studies is a multidisciplinary area of study. It covers all the aspects related to gender. It can be in the form of race, caste or religion. Moreover, it considers the nationality as well as the sexuality of a person. In different countries, you can see marches on gender inequality. All such issues are discussed under the category of gender studies. You can see a bundle of research by individuals and companies like PhD dissertation writing services on gender studies that address different contexts of culture related to men and women. In the field of research, you can see the importance of justice and politics on gender as well as hear about so many violent cases. If you keenly observe your surroundings, you will see new cases of violence on every single day. This violence may be related to the culture or nationality of a particular person.

Key Concepts


In almost all countries, you can see inequality that is based on race. Whenever the cases of race are addressed, it is compared with gender. In gender studies, you can study ‘Intersectionality Theory’ to address race with respect to gender. This theory addresses how race and gender intersect with each other. In the same way, it discusses if both of the aspects provide strength to each other or not. All of these concepts mutually make a matrix of domination. Minorities work as best exemplified in the theory of intersectionality. In this theory, you will see how lesbians and gays face inequality on a large scale. Through this theory, you can understand the principle of gender and race.


Sexuality is another core concept of gender studies. In this concept, it is ensured to promote equality for all genders in the social sector. Furthermore, it addresses economic equality as well as political equality for all genders. It covers LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans-sexual) studies as a subfield. Regarding the concept of sexuality, you have to deal with identification, discussion and formulation of different claims. In this, you are not supposed to focus on minorities or majorities only. Rather, you have to equally treat both of the group. One of the best theories related to sexuality and gender studies is named as ‘Gendered and Sexualized Borders’.


The inequality can be seen based on a nation. You may have seen how black Africans are treated in European countries. All the discrimination faced by the black community is because of their nation and colour. In gender studies, this issue is discussed in detail. In gender study, you will see every human is respectable irrespective of his skin colour or nation.


There is no region that does not support humanity; however, people do not practice it well. Every person thinks that his religion is the best one. Based on his religion, he may feel inferior. But gender studies promote the lesson of peace. Whatever is your religion, you should only remain concerned with it. You cannot force someone else to join your norms and religion. Similarly, every person has equal rights to practice their religion in all over the world.

Purpose of Gender Studies

You may constantly hear about research on engineering, business and medical programs. In the past, it was a little surprising to hear about research on gender studies. But now this field is as common as any other one like engineering and medical. The purpose of research on this topic is to explore more about the norms and ethics related to gender. It includes designing necessary methodologies related to all gender based on their social culture.

In the same way, the purpose of gender studies is to learn and identify cultural practices. In the entire world, we can see how men and women are playing particular roles. Further, in this field of study, you are not supposed to address men’s issues only. Similarly, you do not have to be feminine to focus on women’s issues only. But both of the genders have equal importance here.

Although harassment cases related to women are way more than men, it does not mean you can ignore harassment cases of men. That is the purpose of this study which is to remove the boundary of superiority and inferiority based on gender. Apart from this, gender studies aim to do more research to assume different aspects related to it. Based on that assumption, the best suitable methodology should be there to address the issue. The ideas and assumptions need to analyse to highlight the challenges.

Scope of Gender Studies

First of all, it is very important to ensure that gender studies do not match other degrees. In the same way, it is also necessary to know the future scope of this field. It is a specified field in which you practice disciplinary and interdisciplinary training. Such disciplinary and interdisciplinary training sessions cover a wide range of areas, for example, political as well as educational sectors. In all types of organisations and social circles, it is necessary to study the involvement of gender. In short, gender is a field in which you cover the aspects and sectors related to a human. Its future scope covers the following work areas,

  • Health care and issue
  • Gender inequality
  • Traditional sectors
  • International strategies for development
  • National strategies for development
  • Domestic violence
  • Harassment cases at the workplace

The graduates of gender studies can work on all the discussed topics in different sectors. It can be a private business or a job in the governmental sector. If you did graduation in the same field, you could join some human services department to practice your course. Furthermore, you can go to some social work society as a part-time job or practice.

Apart from all that, you can pursue a master degree in the same or some relevant field. For example, you can pursue a degree in law as well as medicine. You can also go for a lecturer post in any institute. You can select any subject of social science as well. That is how gender studies have a vast scope of study and job.