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How to Structure a Dissertation

Structure a DissertationStructure of your dissertation depends on the requirements given by your institute to write a dissertation and further it can be according to your field of study. However, almost dissertations are being written according to a standard structure. A dissertation mostly start with an introduction and ends with conclusion but how would it be write for that you can have brief idea from the dissertation guide provided by your institute for your field of study so here is a look of standard dissertation structure that will help you to follow your dissertation with standard format and structure provided by your department;

Research Proposal: First you can discuss your ideas or topic with your possible supervisor to have an advice from him for selecting a topic for your dissertation this thing will not only obviously create your positive image but also gives a ideas about selecting a topic and logics to defend that in front of supervisory committee. So you whenever you feel any ambiguity or confusion then you will have a choice to discuss that with possible supervisor and present that with confidence so it would be accepted in first sight. And this is a pre dissertation writing step to get approval from your institute of your dissertation topic.

Abstract: When you will have get approval from your supervisor or supervisory committee then start working immediately to complete your dissertation within the given time period. First step in dissertation writing is to write an abstract and that’s a kind of brief summary of your dissertation including the purpose of your study, your population or sample, data collection and analysis/methodology, results and conclusion. Theses must be stated not more than one sentence.

Acknowledgements: This section includes acknowledging the efforts of those individuals who help you out in completing your dissertation like your supervisor, teachers or someone else. Some people are unable to make acknowledgement page, for them there is assistance of dissertation writing service in UK.

Table of Content: After writing acknowledgements come to next page and make a list of content that you will write in your dissertation, including all chapters and endnotes of your work.

Introduction: Writing introduction chapter in dissertation is necessary almost fields of academia students, where you have to give an introduction about your topic, scope of your research and if necessary previous researchers quotes to support background of your topic.

Literature Review: Here, you have to write previous researchers finding in order to support your topic and their ideas to develop hypothesis for you study if required.

Methodology: This section must address the complete method of your research that you adopted in order to conduct your study and finding required results.

Results and Discussion: In this section you will have to present your results in light of previous studies like your study results support to which study and deny to which one.

Conclusion: It’s almost end of your dissertation writing so you have to conclude all your research with the purpose that you have achieved or not, or you have find a new idea or knowledge in your field of study.

Future Research: Sometime researches call this section as limitation of their work but in positive words it can be the possible research options of your field for future researchers.

End Components of Dissertation: When you are done with writing the first and body components of your dissertation then come to the end components that include references and appendix. This is a brief idea about a standard dissertation structure that will help you to write your dissertation in following the given structure by your department.