How To Write Gap In Literature

Write Gap In Literature

Write Gap In LiteratureA ‘gap’ is the missing piece of pieces in the research literature; this is one area that has not been fully explored and there is a lot that has yet to be explained regarding this phenomenon. When we talk about the ‘gap’ in literature, it can be in population or sample size, type and location or research method, data collection, analysis, or any other research variables or conditions, depending on the type of research that is being conducted. There are some dissertation writing services UK that can help to write gap in literature.

Identifying the gaps is not easy in literature; conducting an exhaustive literature review is your first step. As you search for journal articles, you will need to read critically across the breadth of the literature to identify these gaps. In this regard, your aim should be to find a ‘space’ or opening for contributing new research. The first step is gathering a broad range of research articles on your topic. You may want to look for research that approaches the topic from a variety of methods – qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. There are many online resources where you can learn about research methodology and move forward for identifying research gaps.

How To Write ‘Gaps’ In Literature:

It would not be wrong to say that gaps in the literature are the missing pieces of research that should be explored in the dissertation. These gaps may be about data collection, analysis section, and research method, and finding a research gap alters the writers about their weakness in the piece of writing. It also symbolizes that you are leaving the most important points without conducting proper research. The best way to find gaps in the literature is to focus on research. Writing a dissertation with well-researched information can increase the grades of students, however, include gaps in the literature is very dangerous for the students.

Work On The Literature Review:

Writing a dissertation literature review provides a critical assessment of the literature that you have gathered for your subject. It would not be wrong to say that the literature review identifies the gaps in the literature. Finding a literature gap requires a simple summary of your work. A literature review gives a critical outline of intellectual development and how you should focus on it. Students often think about why a literature review is necessary; they must know that a literature review gives complete information about the methods of research and they can judge all shortcomings in your dissertation or research.

How To Work Out The Gaps In The Literature:

A literature review helps to identify the research gaps. Finding your research gaps is most essential for the research proposal and a research gap will highlight the originality of research and it proves to recount in the research. Finding gaps in the literature is not very difficult, but some ways can help to write a top-quality and custom dissertation without any mistakes or loopholes. As a dissertation is a formal and highly complicated research paper, students end up making mistakes but working out these mistakes and finding out gaps is important before the paper is ready for submission.

Collection, Examination, and Selection Of Literature:

To identify the literature gap in a dissertation, you should research the most important points of writing in a dissertation. After getting complete information, you will be able to cover up the gaps in the literature. Understand the state of knowledge on your topic before writing the introduction. You should choose and develop a central question in the research section, examine your method of data collection and make points and you will be able to make out if any gaps must be addressed.

You can also look for gaps by using keywords and citations. Read all citations very carefully and try to judge where you are missing important points. If you find some problem in your writing then you should rewrite it or search for the missing links.

Evaluation of sources is also a key part of looking for gaps. When you are evaluating sources, you must consider the key concepts as well as methods, results, and conclusions and it will give an idea if you are moving in the right direction. Identifying the main purpose of writing a dissertation, especially on the given topic is crucial because you must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the research. Make sure that all the methods and sources you have used are credible and authentic as most students find gaps here.

In addition to this, finding connections and themes will help you understand the relationship in the argument and structure; highlight the theory and method, check out the main conflicts and contradictions and you will be able to identify and write ‘gap’ most efficiently in your literature.