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Identify The Role of The Leadership in The Innovative Culture of an Organization.

The leadership is the name of a set of actions that are necessary to organize a particular group of people or an organization. A person who uses this set of actions is known as a leader. The basic purpose of a leader is to provide directions to the employees in order work for the growth of a particular firm. Innovation is the name of new ideas and thoughts that are necessary to run a particular firm. Here, we will identify the role of the leadership in the innovative culture of an organization.

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  • Formulate winning strategies

First of all, a good leader formulates some strategies to run an organization. These strategies are based on the novel and unique ideas. The basic role of a good leader is to get the results. That’s why, after formulating the strategies, a good leader tries to get results with the help of these strategies in order to make them winning strategies. These winning strategies are like a key for an organization and on the basis of these strategies, the required goals of an organization are achieved.

  • Execute those strategies

After formulating the best strategies, it is also necessary for a leader to execute those strategies. Most of the strategy makers fail to get the required results when there comes the time of executing the strategies. A good leader should keep in mind the following elements to execute a good strategy;

  1. There are various departments and sub-departments in an organization. The alignment of these departments and sub-departments should be such that each and every employee of the organization should work in an effective way to achieve the required goals.
  2. A leader should manage the performance of each employee in the each department.
  3. If an organization doesn’t perform well, then there should be a strategic change in an organization.
  • Monitor the results and make strategic adjustments

A smart leader always monitor results of an organization at every stage. If there occur some problems, then they make some strategic adjustments in order to achieve the required goals. A smart leader always keeps in mind his/her competitor and he/she always tries to compete the competitor with novel plans and thoughts. A smart leader makes a sales plan in such a way that a huge amount of customers are attracted towards the product of the company for which he/she is working.

  • Build organization capabilities

Another important quality of a good leader is that he/she makes long term price plans and try to attract the customers again and again. A good leader has the ability to face the challenges. Its reason is that they know very well that leadership is not for everyone and it is also not necessary that all the leaders perform well all the time. Despite of facing a lot of problems, a good leader tries to build organizational capabilities.

This is the role of leadership in the innovative culture of an organization. If you are still not able to understand the role of leadership in the innovative culture of an organization, then you can get help from the PhD Thesis writing services.