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How to make your students active in the class for better learning

Teachers in the schools and colleges are supposed to teach their students in a way that they should concentrate on their studies. They shouldn’t feel bore and so on. It is all about teachers and student relationship that make students learn effectively. If the teacher will be cooperative to their students. Students will learn more effectively. The environment of the classroom should be very friendly so that should learn without pressure and stress. Students should also cooperate with their teacher while their teaching slot, so that they can explain each and every point of their lecture in detail with proper concentration.

Most of the times it happens that teachers used to assign certain tasks to their students in the class as well as for the home. They used to work on their tasks, but they make mistakes. Now it is the duty of teachers to teach them in a way that they can improve their writing skills in a proper way. The teacher should not deduct their marks and teach them the best way to write again. Similarly, teachers should behave in a very polite and friendly manner to their students so that they love to study and they take classes regularly. Sometimes it happens that most of the students bunk so many classes because of the bad attitude of their teachers.

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Apart from this, all teachers should work on the writing, reading and speaking skills of the students very keenly. Students always try to hide themselves from the task and they try to get rid of their home tasks and class task.

To make your students active, you can conduct many valuable and debatable discussion in the class, you can assign them different surveys and questionnaires to make them filled by the other groups in the school or college, you can also send them to the computer labs for doing different tasks as well as you make assign them different task related to the libraries and so on and so forth.

These are some points that can help a teacher to make their students active for the effective learning. Similarly, you can also divide your class into two to four major groups and assign them different topic to debate about with each other on the positive and negative aspects of that specific thing. Through this they will learn very effectively with the proper concentration and hard work.

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To make them speak in the class, you can assign them a sudden topic to write and to speak about the topic before the whole class. This act will help your students to learn something and it will build confidences in them to speak in front of others and to communicate with others effectively. This kind of task will always be very helpful for students not in their educational career, but also in their official, formal and professional life.

You can simply try these useful strategies and tips to make your students active for effective learning in the classrooms.