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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Cue-Dependant Forgetting Theory

Cue-Dependant Forgetting TheoryRepossession due to the absence of cues is called cue-dependent forgetting. Cue-dependent forgetting is the failure of information without memory cues. This term is all about semantic cues and stage cues. In order to search a file in a computer cue-dependent forgetting theory can be applied. Here, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of cue-dependent forgetting theory.

Strengths Of Cue-Dependant Forgetting Theory:

The strength of cue-dependent forgetting is all about the wealth of evidence. It explains every occurrence that happens in all the sections. This theory belongs to the memory selection that is most important for the external temperature. The main suggestion describes the state mood and smell. It can facilities and recall long term memory. The idea of this theory is most interesting, because, it gives some suggestion for the availability of memory. No person can explain the context and originality of this process. According to the Research Support Theory, the strength of this theory can affect and recall of information. This idea gives strengths to the theory.  The main process of this processing is supportive. The level of processing theory states deeper information about richer level. The most important points of this theory are the strength of cue-dependent forgetting theory.  It is also very useful in order to recall and increase the detail level. However, the main points of this section can be considered the period section, because, it plays an important role in this theory. Most displacements give their suggestion about this theory. They can be considered destitute, because, it is hard to distinguish between the state and the context. Actually, music is two types; therefore, these two types are bad and good for this theory.

Weakness Of Cue-Dependent Forgetting Theory:

The main weakness of this theory is ecological validity. According to modern research, the cue-dependent theory is based on laborite system. It is all about the lacks of ecological validity. Most studies do not increase and improve memory level. However, it could be argued that evidence is weakening due to the lacks of validity. The practical application is another most important weakness of the theory. This belongs to the most important structure of the cue-dependent forgetting theory. Practical application in this theory is very helpful because it provides regulate and forensic work in order to recall and remember the eyewitnesses. The main meaning of this theory is to give a real-world practice. It is not a complete explanation of the memories. For example, flashbulb and happy memories are better than sad memories. Most potent practical application is very useful, because, it gives the photo identification of the perpetrators of crimes. However, the most important thing about the selection of this theory can be considered important and beneficial. According to modern research, context-dependent can be considered dependent on the situation. Most memory retrieval can be facilities through the context of the memory. Most state dependent cues can be governed by the state of mind; therefore, this is very beneficial for the forgetting theory.