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Some Useful Tips for Students to Cope With Procrastination

At some stage of life, we all procrastinate to deal with our routine and assigned tasks but it happens more in students’ lives as they are in the age of learning and enjoyment at the same time that makes it difficult to decide or manage their time efficiently to avoid procrastination. According to psychology the fact of procrastination is directly related with a person’ ability to manage stress so in this sense access of procrastination in students’ life is obvious but that does not mean it is right to procrastinate at this age. We all need to avoid delays, especially students who are putting their money plus time to learn something of their interest that is going to help them out in establishing their lives. So as much a student is procrastinated same is the degree of being late to be established in his life and this habit of pending tasks worse effects their professional life.

  • Find the Reason for Being Late

It will help you deal with the issue of procrastinating as you would know what the reason that delays your tasks is. It might have developed a habit of yours to delay each task because at somewhere in your mind you have thought of having more than enough time to accomplish a task but still you are always late. If it is your habit then you need to develop a habit of being on time but if there is something else like other activities as social, professional, family or job then set them all on the list of priority that is obviously going to help you out to deal with procrastination.

  • Timetable

A person who has a timetable and follows it strictly with a clear list of priorities to do (what need to be done first and second and so on) is not going to face procrastination. So if you do not have set a timetable then set it now but if you have already then design priority list as well and follow timetable strictly. Make a checklist of activities on daily basis as well to ensure that you have done your tasks on defined time.

  • Develop Realistic Small Goals

We all have goals in our lives same a student has that he needs to divide into small goals so the accomplishment of each small goal gives him/her more energy and encourages to put more efforts. Here, the thing needs to be kept in mind is that the goal must be the realist like a student is required to write his dissertation and he sets a goal of doing each chapter of the dissertation in one week regardless of the level of difficulty or lack of skills for writing that chapter. This is an unrealistic goal that can lead to procrastination.