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Facebook Policy Updates for Prevention of Suicide in Students

Facebook Policy Updates for Prevention of SuicideStress and depression have become part of our lives. The more the humans have made progress the less peace they are experiencing in their lives. The suicide rates have increased rapidly during the last years. The most alarming situation is that most of the suicide attempts were carried out by the young generation who built the foundation of a particular society. It is the need of time to take measures for the prevention of suicide.

Facebook has made a policy update with regard to the prevention of suicide in students. As a global online community, it has introduced some major actions to keep people safe on its various apps. With the help of experts, it has devised policies and practices that are creating new methods to prevent those who are at risk of suicide. According to a dissertation writing service, Facebook has shared an update on the World Suicide Prevention Day that they will take some serious precautions to keep people safe on their apps.

Facebook has consulted various experts on some serious issues that are associated with self-harm and suicide. These include how to handle suicide notes, the risks of sad content online and suicide depictions that became part of news later on. It has established a new system of check and balance so that it can play a positive role as a globally recognized system of communication.

After consultations and discussions, some changes have been made to handle such content. Facebook has established a strict policy around self-injury to not allow any graphic cutting images that would unintentionally promote or trigger self-harm. It would be prohibited in all cases even if someone is expressing himself or need some support for their recovery.

On Instagram, it has made more difficult to search for such suicidal content and kept it from being recommended in the search option. It would be much harder to get to that type of content so the app will not become a tool for the propagation of suicide or self-harm.

Another useful step in this regard is to address the issue of eating disorder content. The app will take precise measures to prohibit additional content that is related to an eating disorder. The handling of this complex issue may resolve the promotion of suicidal content through global media with the help of dissertation writers. And with these strict policies, Facebook is also determined to send resources to the people who promote content regarding eating disorder or self-injury, even the content is taken down from the website.

At last, a sensitivity screen would be displayed over healed self-harm so that Facebook and Instagram do not become a source of promoting self-harm. These screens will limit vision and help to solve the problems regarding the promotion of the suicidal content.

Introduction of CrowdTangle is another step of the app for the prevention of suicide in students. CrowdTangle will collect data and analyze it, so that it may gather information shared on Facebook and Instagram that can be used for further advancement in suicide. This monitoring tool will help newsroom and media publishers understand what is happening on the social networking site.

Moreover, Facebook is hiring a health and well-being expert to become a part of its safety policy team. The task of this person will be to focus on the well-being and health impacts of the apps and their policies on individuals of society. He will also provide support to the community especially students and young generation on the issues related to suicide and self-injury. Thus Facebook is not only taking serious steps for the prevention of suicide but implementing new ways to benefit its user from its services.

With all these safety measures Facebook has also established itself as a safer forum for this type of difficult discussions. As people across the world are connected through Facebook it is providing various possibilities for its users to discuss these sensitive topics, especially for students and young generation. The online resource Orygen is providing #chatsafe guidelines in Facebook’s Safety Center when someone searches for the content regarding suicide or self-injury.

According to marketing dissertation writing services, the #chatsafe guidelines are created with the help of young people so that it can help the individuals who might respond to the content related to suicide and want to share their own opinions and feelings regarding suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

As a globally recognized social networking site, Facebook has taken steps to avoid and prevent suicide attempts. These measures would benefit a large community and help people to seek out their issues at the same time. Facebook has assured through this step that the safety and health of its users is among the basic concerns of the company.