Budget Friendly International Trips That Students Can Make

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  • June 12, 2020
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Budget Friendly International Trips

Budget Friendly International TripsTravelling is an exciting part of our lives. People travel to take breaks from their hectic schedules. Travelling when you are a student feels tough. But the reality is quite different. You can also travel on tight student budgets. There are a lot of affordable travel destinations around the globe. You can save money for travelling even while you are just a student. All you need to do is to make a perfect plan. Choose your travel destination carefully. For example, flights to a particular destination can be cheap. But hotels and food may be expensive there. You should consider all the aspects of your travel destination. It may include transportation, accommodation, food, and security. There are many international destinations that you can afford to travel to. Experts of coursework writing services have compiled some budget-friendly destinations for students:


Sri Lanka:

The first thought that crosses your mind will be; is it worth visiting Sri Lanka? The short answer is YES. Sri Lanka is full of surprises. It has places from cloud high mountains to sandy beaches and jungles. You go there with the least expectations but what you experience is a wonderful travel destination. The flight will cost the same as travelling to other countries. But the accommodation and transportation there are quite cheaper. You do not need to stay in hostels as in other expensive countries. You can stay comfortably in hotels. Hotels will not cause wrath in your pocket. They are very budget-friendly. Coconut is the main ingredient in many Sri Lankan dishes. Fish curry is also very popular. It has a vast Buddhist history. You can see a lot of temples which are considered very sacred there. You can also spend your day while exploring the jungle. In short, Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for students.

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 It is yet another budget-friendly destination for students. It has historically rich and has beautiful tourist spots. People are very friendly in Cambodia. You will have a good time exploring this country. Angkor Wat is the most popular destination in Cambodia. It is a religious and sacred place considered there. The flag of this country also has this monument on it. Many people may not know it but this country has remote islands. You can great experience while spending time in these places. These are still very raw. You can have experience of authentic travel. It also has vast jungles. Wildlife is abundant there which may include tigers, lions, and elephants there. They celebrate their festivals with great zeal and zest. Food is also the main attraction in Cambodia. 



Some students want to travel to Europe. Hungary is the best option for them. It is not cheap like the two we have discussed earlier but still a good choice for students. It is one of the best and cheapest travel destinations in Europe. Its capital Budapest is the main attraction for visitors. What makes is budget-friendly is the huge number of options available there. You can choose to stay in a hostel if you cannot afford a hotel. If you are vising Budapest, you should not waste your time while sleeping. There is a lot to see there. You can take part in many activities. You can hike, swim, and take a stroll around the city. Just go out and enjoy local food there. Thermal baths are also an attraction there. Hungary should be on the top of your list if you want to travel on a student budget. 

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It is also among the cheapest travel destinations in the world. It offers affordable food, accommodation, and travel. You can see one of the best white sand beaches there. Just choose the options that will not make you go short of money. It has amazing food. You should try cheap local food to stay within your budget. Province of Laguna is quite a popular destination there. You will love to spend most of your time there enjoying hot springs and lakes there.



Nepal is on the most travel and pocket-friendly destination around the World. It has a rich culture, yummy local food, mountains, and historical places. You can choose to stay in a hotel or hostel depending on your choice. It has World’s biggest mountain called Mount Everest. It has borders with India and Tibet. The year 2015 was the toughest for Nepal. In 2015, Nepal was the hardest-hit country with earthquakes. But the good thing is it has recovered almost all of its tourist and sacred places that were destroyed by this catastrophe.