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Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Top 5 Facts about Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Supply Chain and Logistic Management are the new fields emerging in education and jobs that become very trendy and demanding. How many prestigious universities and institutes are offering specialization degrees in Supply Chain and Logistic Management and many new job posts and titles have been announced by the organizations which are attracting many students to…

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Needs of Foreign Students

What British Universities Should Do to Adapt Needs of Foreign Students

Britain is the most popular destination for students who want to pursue academic degrees in various disciplines. For decades, British universities have been attracting students from all over the world. Students also love coming here as they know that they will get the best academic environment, faculty, and teachers, as well as courses, that will…

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Dissertation Task

Do Not Pressurize Yourself with Dissertation Task

The dissertation project is a challenging task for many of the students because it takes too much time for its completion and to stay motivated and committed to the task is not possible for many of them. It is often seen that the delay in completion of the project often springs from the stress and…

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Budget Friendly International Trips

Budget Friendly International Trips That Students Can Make

Travelling is an exciting part of our lives. People travel to take breaks from their hectic schedules. Travelling when you are a student feels tough. But the reality is quite different. You can also travel on tight student budgets. There are a lot of affordable travel destinations around the globe. You can save money for…

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Different Between Thesis and Dissertation

Expert Answer on a Question: What is Different Between Thesis and Dissertation

Most of the students think that the thesis and dissertation are the same things. They should know that there are lots of differences between a thesis and a dissertation. Its reason is that a dissertation is written to get a university degree or diploma. On the other hand, a thesis is written to obtain a…

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Importance of Topic Selection

Importance of Topic Selection for Writing PhD Thesis

Nothing is more important than a topic when it comes to writing a top quality and custom PhD thesis that can help to get your doctorate and find the best prospects for your future. The topic is mostly the first and the most important task that students get to after they are given their thesis…

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Role Of Information Technology in Dissertation

The Role Of Information Technology In Dissertation Writing

Writing a lot of essays, analysis comes, the book analyzes, and then on is one among the main adversities students face throughout their lifespan at school and university. However, one ought to acknowledge that these days things have modified, and writing any paper may be a task that’s abundant easier for a contemporary student. Citation…

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What Is SSL Transparency

What Is SSL Transparency and How It Works for an SSL?

With the help of modern cryptography, it is possible for the web browsers to detect such SSL certificates which are fake or provisioned with forged. Anyhow, these web browsers are not able to detect some essential issues relevant to the SSL certificates like these web browsers are not able to detect those websites which have…

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Facebook Policy Updates for Prevention of Suicide

Facebook Policy Updates for Prevention of Suicide in Students

Stress and depression have become part of our lives. The more the humans have made progress the less peace they are experiencing in their lives. The suicide rates have increased rapidly during the last years. The most alarming situation is that most of the suicide attempts were carried out by the young generation who built…

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How to Re-Write Your Thesis

How You Can Re-Write Your Thesis as a Journal Article?

A thesis and a journal article are two different sub-genres of academic writing. Moreover, the audience and written formats of these two academic papers are also different from each other. To write a thesis and a journal article, it is also necessary for the writers to adopt two different writing styles and it is also…

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